An observation of extremely unusual for Bulgaria bird species


Yesterday in the late afternoon (6.11.2014; 16:30) in the sea, 20 meters from the shore in front of Shabla Tuzla, Daniel Mitev – the Concervation officer of the LIFE+ project “Save ground for Redbreasts” made a very rare observation of the bird species Red Phalarope ( Phalaropus fulicarius ). At this moment the only evidence of its occurrence in Bulgaria was a skin stored in the National Museum of Natural History. It was a young bird with its first winter plumage.  This species migrates along the Atlantic coast of Europe and America, and also...

The new hunting season begins with old violations


Unfortunately, this year with the arrival of the Red-breasted and White-fronted Geese were found the first violations of hunting and conservation legislation. November 1 (Saturday) a team of LIFE + project "Safe Ground for Redbreasts" have found these violations in the Durankulak Lake SPA: hunting in the forbidden zone, shooting at the dark part of the day and using a boat in Durankulak Lake. Annually many violations of hunting and environmental standards are registered in the area of the two Natura 2000 sites. In 2012, within the protected area "Durankulashko...

The amazing journey of Decebal continues


Decebal - the male Redbreasts tagged with Romanian satellite tag in Bulgaria by the field team of "Safe Ground for Redbreasts" LIFE Project, WWT, SOR/BirdLife Romania, Le Balkan and USFWS continues to amase us with its travel.  Recently Decebal made a formidable flight of 1800km in one go to approach its wintering destination of Western Black sea. Here is what Emo Todorov from ROS/BirdLife Romania reports: "Decebal, our male Red-breasted Goose keeps showing how amazing is the bird migration. After a month spent at the border between Russia and Kazakhstan in...

The first for the season Red-breasted and Lesser white-fronted geese are in Dobrogea


Six Red-breasted Geese, 1 Lesser White-fronted Goose, 340 Greater White-fronted Geese, 5 Bewick’s Swan and 15 Whooper Swans were observed during field work by the “Safe Ground for Redbreasts” Conservation Officer Daniel Mitev. The birds were registered in a temporary wetland – flooded arable field due to rainfall levels near the village Senokos. Water area is larger than 200 acres, and the birds feed in the vicinity on spilled maze grain scattered after the recent harvest. In the pool were also observed different species of ducks, herons and...

Тhe LIFE + project “Save Ground for Redbreasts” with new-looking website


The new look of the site of the LIFE + project “Save Ground for Redbreasts” presents through a new and easily accessible manner information about the project, the conservation and communication activities, and the latest news. The educational materials with useful information for teachers and students can be found again in the site as well as some fun games for children. In the section for the hunters the online version of two handbooks about the protected and game species can be downloaded or ordered for free. It is important to note the development...

The exhibition for Red-breasted Goose in Shabla opened with child’s smiles and creativity


The opening of the exhibition “ The Red-breasted Geese flyway - from Siberia to Bulgaria " on October 4 (Saturday) was attended by 30 students from Kavarna. They participated in the workshop for magnetic cards. The event was organized by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds ( BSPB ) in partnership with the Green Educational Center in Shabla within the fourth edition of the Kite Festival – Shabla and on the occasion of the EuroBirdwatch. Beautiful photos and intriguing text acquainted visitors with interesting facts about the Goose and the...