Latest information about the actions of the joint patrols, the poaching cases and the observed species


Last weekend (29-30.11.2014) another inspection of the joint patrols was held in the special protected areas "Shabla Lake Complex" and "Durankulak Lake". The joint patrol included representatives of the Regional Inspectorate of the Environment and Water – Varna, State Hunting Estate – Balchik, and BSPB.  Fortunately violations of hunting and conservation legislation were not found. During the last week representatives of the Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture – Dobrich captured two poachers for illegal fishing with nets in Durankulak...

Classic Winter Birding Tour (In the Lands of 100 000 Geese!)


  8-days birding tour Date: 7 – 14 February 2015 Area: Black Sea Coast About our tour: The tour will get us close to most of the wintering species typical for the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Prepare for astounding numbers of geese (depending on the weather, up to 200 000 birds!), including the beautiful, globally endangered Red-breasted Goose: in colder winters 70% of the world population, or some 30 000 Red-breasts can be seen roosting at Shablensko and Durankulashko Lakes. Another bird from the World’s Red List, the White-headed Duck, can...

Consecutive violations in Srebarna Managed Reverve


Srebarna Managed Reverve is one of the best known reserves of Bulgaria, but unfortunately continues to be a stage for violation of conservation legislation over the years. On 09/11/2014, during the regular monitoring of wintering geese in Srebarna Managed Reverve a team of BSPB identified two types of violations of the regime of the reserve - hunting and entering of three boats with fishermen within the protected area. A Greylag Goose was shot in the presence of BSPB experts. The species is listed in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria. Srebarna is one of the few...

First action of the joint patrols for this season


After the finding of the first violations of hunting and conservation legislation by the team of the LIFE+ project “Save Ground for Redbreasts” in the early November it was held the first action of the participants in the joint patrols for this season on Saturday night (15.11.2014). Although only one hunter was checked in the region of Durankulak Lake, the patrol revealed another violation of the Protected Areas Act and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Act - the presence of poacher’s boat in Orlovo blato (Eagles' Swamp) - part of the protected area...

An observation of White fronted goose ringed in 2011


A White fronted goose ringed within the LIFE+ project “Save Ground for Redbreasts” was observed on Wednesday (12.11.2014) among  27,000 Greater White-fronted geese, 400 Red-breasted geese and 1 Barnacle goose in the vicinity of Lake Strachina, Ialomita, Romania. The White fronted goose was ringed and fitted with collar during the first catching of geese by the project team in January 2011. The Lake Strachina is very important stopover of wintering geese in Romania and was declared as a Special Protection Area of Natura 2000 (ROSPA0059). In...

An observation of extremely unusual for Bulgaria bird species


Yesterday in the late afternoon (6.11.2014; 16:30) in the sea, 20 meters from the shore in front of Shabla Tuzla, Daniel Mitev – the Concervation officer of the LIFE+ project “Save ground for Redbreasts” made a very rare observation of the bird species Red Phalarope ( Phalaropus fulicarius ). At this moment the only evidence of its occurrence in Bulgaria was a skin stored in the National Museum of Natural History. It was a young bird with its first winter plumage.  This species migrates along the Atlantic coast of Europe and America, and also...