Farmers will receive 167 euro/ha for damages caused by grazing geese


Farmers whose crops have been damaged by wintering geese will be compensated with 167 euro/ha. The means will come from the Rural Development Program, managed by the State Agriculture Fund. This was announced on Tuesday by BSPB expert Dimiter Plachiiski at a meeting with Shabla farmers. The meeting was organized within the BSPB LIFE+ Safe Ground for Redbreasts project. Providing additional compensations for crop damages caused by wintering Red-breasted geese was proposed by BSPB. The species global population has dropped down to 40 000 birds, and during their...

Varna Regional Inspectorate of Environment gives green light to a dangerous wind farm project


Last Friday (9 March 2012) RIEW Varna issued an ordinance allowing to the appealed SMIN wind farm to proceed with construction. This is happening despite the low quality of the baseline field studies and the analysis, which hardly can prove the lack of impact of the wind farm project. The SMIN project comprising of 95 turbines each of 2 MW is planned in the core wintering area of the most threatened goose in the world – the Red-breasted Goose. The project is located less than 500m from the SPA and Natura 2000 site Durankulak Lake and would create virtually a wall of...

World Wetlands Day in Shabla


Once again this year BSPB, in the framework of the Safe Ground for Redbreasts project and with the cooperation of Green Center – Shabla, celebrated World Wetlands Day with an emphasis on the internationally important Shabla and Durankulak Lakes. On 31 Jan 2012 Peter Cranswick of WWT made a presentation for local volunteers, caretakes and tourist guides. The local nature enthusiasts had the opportunity to learn about the WWT program for conservation of an extinguishing species – the Madagascar Pochard, to understand the similarity of this case to the activities of the...

A new record of Little Bustard in Coastal Dobrudzha


On 25 January 2012 field ornithologists of the BSPB “Safe Ground for Redbreasts” project team, Mladen Vasilev and Stoyan Nikolov, observed in the region of Coastal Dobrudzha another bird of a species rare for the country - a Little Bustard (Tetrax tetrax). This was the second record of the species this winter and the third since 2001 in Bulgaria. Globally, the Little Bustard is a near threatened species, and because of the serious decrease of its West -European population, it is listed in SPEC1 Vulnerable.    In Bulgaria the species used to occur until...

Geese will be studied for lead content


From this winter the BSPB team of the Life + Project “Save Ground for Redbreasts” starts cooperation with experts from Spain based in CISC – Doñana Biological Station and Institute for Wildlife and Game Research on lead content in wintering geese.   The first sampling was done in this January when Dr. Nicky Petkov and Dr. Petar Iankov joined the colleagues from Spain – Dr. Andy Green and Dr. Rafael Mateo leading experts on waterbirds and eco-toxicology, to collect the first samples in the Life+ Project Area at Shabla and Durankulak Lakes. The study...

Bright Future for Shabla Green Center


On 18 th January the Scottish ornithologist and learning expert, Brian Morrell (WWT) participated in a presentation of Shabla Green Center, its activities, plans and development opportunities, together with the local teams of BSPB and the Green Center. The cooperation between Shabla Municipality and the BSPB Safe Ground for Redbreasts Project in the development of the Green Center and its activities is a part of the Memorandum of Understanding between them. “Sharing experience and good practices of similar centers throughout the world” was the topic of Mr....