Over the weekend of 21 and 22 September the skies over the "The Small Sea" near Shabla Lighthouse were filled with fantastic creatures - flying fish, octopus, dragons, giant silk teddy bears and of course, red-breasted geese . This colorful display was the work of kite flying masters from three Black Sea countries - Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria. Fortunately, the club with most experience in such international festivals, Seagull Kite Club, had prepared different models of kites suitable for any wind power – the light breeze on Saturday exposed lighter and airy garlands, fish and birds, while the stormy wind on Sunday picked up flying teddy bears, lizards and octopus, as well as the band specially crafted for the festival – a kite with a huge red-breasted goose and inscription "I love Bulgaria", the work of the Turkish "Seagull Club”.

Besides with kites of course, younger guests were entertained in the seven art workshops and masterly performances on stage. We have to note the special efforts of the children from Shabla, who under the skillful leadership of Desi Parvanova presented the play "The Journey of the Red- breasted Goose ".

The program was diversified and the public - entertained by our celebrity guests - famous musician and kite surfer Iskren Petzov, who delivered a wonderful concert on Sunday, and celebrated chef and television presenter Uti Buchvarov, who  prepared 3 types of fish soup - Northern, Mediterranean and Asian, and fed 600 people with 25 kg of fish!

We should not forget the accompanying street art project "Shabla Lighthouse Graffiti 2013" - 15 graffiti artists profoundly changed the vision of the specially brought huge oil tanks and turned them into unique colored “canvasses”, again focusing on the Red-breasted Goose. This visual project was organized by Amorpha Youth Group with the support of Varna Municipality and Varna's candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2019.

During the two festival days visitors had the opportunity to sign up for a trip for bird watching at Shabla Tuzla with a professional bird guide. The interest was great and about 100 people took part: 3 trips were carried out during the first day and another one in the second.

With such a colorful and crowded event, the great interest from the media was not a surprise - the festival was covered in more than 70 publications and broadcasts on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet. Media partners of the festival this year were BNT - "Quick, easy, tasty ", BNR - Radio Varna, Darik Radio, Dir.bg, the magazine for Urban Art and Culture "Balcans" and 360° magazine for extreme sports, leisure and alternative ways of life.

We expect the photographers present at the festival to provide pictures, so that we form a selection of the 20 best photos and organize a traveling exhibition, like the previous two selections - "Kite Festival Shabla 2011 and 2012".

The BSPB team of the LIFE + "Safe Ground for Redbreasts" project thanks the Municipality of Shabla and all partners of the event,  as well as the volunteers from the area of Shabla, Varna, Dobrich and Bourgas, without whom the event would not have proceeded so smoothly! Since the festival has become an expected and loved event that is evolving and growing, we are open to feedback and recommendations to make it even more attractive in the future!

Video of Kite Festival Shabla 2013

Photos: Nicky Petkov