FOCUS: EU LIFE program - 20 years caring for nature   This year, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds joined for the first time the Days of Europe Street Youth Fest in Varna, which took place on May 5. The occasion was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the LIFE program of the European Union contributing to environmental protection and biodiversity, which also became a focus of the event.   The fest is organized for the fifth consecutive year by Amorpha Youth Group, with the support of department "Youth activities and sports" of...

Caretaker training courses


The first of the “Safe Ground for Redbreasts” project caretaker training courses was carried out on 24 th April 2012. The course involved two sessions with topic “The birds in the project region”. The caretakers visited the coastal lakes in the region to get to know their birdlife.   Two more courses, “The plants in the project region” (on 4 th May and 6 th June) and “The animals in the project region” (on 26 June) will be organized.   The goal of these courses is to acquaint the local caretakers with the valuable habitats and the...

How we celebrated Earth Day in Varna


On 21 April 2012 the local BSPB team took part in an Eco-fair “Let’s live in a nature-friendly way, let’s decrease our ecological footprint”.  The event was dedicated to Earth Day and was carried out by the initiative of the Varna High School for Economics “G.S. Rakovski”. In the course of three hours the participants from different eco clubs and organizations presented their work on the topic by information materials, posters, info-boards, miniature models, interactive games, etc.   Except with a stall with information materials, BSPB...

Meeting with local caretakers


On 4 th April 2012 the “Safe Ground for Redbreasts” project team organized a meeting with the project caretakers from Shabla. The goal of the meeting was to inform the participants about the amendments in measure 214 – Agri-environmental Payments, recently adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods. These amendments allow the agricultural producers from the region to apply for compensatory payments if they farm lands covering the habitats of wintering geese. The speakers stressed the BSPB contribution and the long years of efforts for introducing this...

Recent education activities in the project region


In spite of the delay due to bad weather, 2 nd -February - World Wetlands Day was celebrated in the 4 most active schools in the region of the BSPB Safe Ground for Redbreasts project. About a month later the children from the secondary school in Shabla staged a play, dedicated to the Red-breasted Goose and the wetlands in the region. About 20 school children from 2 nd to 8 th grade performed in front of a numerous audience in community center “Zora” – Shabla. In Kavarna the event was celebrated with a competition with topic “The wetlands around us”, in...

Meeting for elaboration of a new Red-breasted Goose Action Plan


On Friday, 23 March 2012 a working meeting for elaboration of a new Red-breasted Goose Action Plan will be held in the building of the Natural History Museum in Sofia. The meeting is organized in the framework of the BSPB project “Safe Ground for Redbreasts”( LIFE09 NAT/BG/000230)and following a Terms-of-reference of the Ministry for the Environment and Waters for the elaboration of a new national action plan. The meeting will be held in the “Fish” hall, instead of the initially announced “Levantis” hall. The entrance is on the side of the Russian Church....