Film "Hope for the Red-breasted Goose"

Тhe film created within the LIFE+ project “Save Grounds for Redbreasts“ is ready. Thanks to it you can enjoy the beauty of this rare species and find answers of these questions:

• Is the Red-breasted Goose as endangered as the tiger and the Giant panda?

• Is it true that almost the entire world population of the species winters in Bulgaria and Romania?

• What makes it so rare species, which are the main threats to the Red-breasted goose?

• How we can save the species, how the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and its partners helped it to survive and keep its wintering grounds in our country?

• How the presence of the Red-breasted Goose contributes directly to the well-being of the local people?

• What is the role of the local communities and to each of us?

Watch "Hope for the Red-breasted Goose" on YouTube profile of the project or here.