New BSPB’s guide for investments help to better planning of activities and projects to protect nature

Within the LIFE + project "Safe Grounds for Redbreasts" BSPB published a new book entitled: “Safe places for Red-breasted Goose. A guide for better planning of development in the areas of wintering Red-breasted Goose". This guide is designed to offer guidelines for better planning of human activities to achieve the objectives from Aichi for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Regions. With the guide we aim to build on the already known guidelines for conservation and sustainable development. So we consider aspects like an assessment of the cumulative impacts analysis and evaluation of alternative development and mitigating measures on specific biodiversity.

Guidelines in the manual follow the guidelines of the European Commission for the implementation of environmental legislation includes good examples and guidance of thematic guides from Europe and Canada. The choice of good practice guidelines and are based on 20 years of experience on the BSPB team in the implementation of legislation on environmental assessment, evaluation of environmental impact assessment in Bulgaria.

The handbook will be presented for the first time on May 21, 2015 in the town of Kavarna and May 22, 2015 in Sofia. Find the pdf file of the guide here.