Wastewater discharged into the “Srebarna” Nature Reserve

Srebarna Nature Reserve, © Nicky Petkov/www.NaturePhotos.eu

After an alert to the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters - Ruse for pollution of the “Srebarna” Managed Reserve with domestic wastewater from the sewers of Srebarna village, the experts from RIEW Ruse carried out two consecutive inspections, which revealed the following:

- The two pumping stations have "infiltration ponds" for absorbing wastewater in case of an accident in the regime of the pumps. From one of these "infiltration ponds" (CP №2) an open channel has been built that discharges wastewater into the lake. The Mayor of the village has a prescription to disconnect the "infiltration ponds" from the reserve. He has issued an order to all households not to deposdit waste water into sewers.

- Representatives of the municipality of Silistra took part in the second inspection, which was obliged to take measures for financing and finishing the project for the sewers and commissioning of the existing wastewater treatment plant effluent.

“Srebarna” is one of the emblematic protected areas in Bulgaria, famous for its only colony of Dalmatian Pelican. The lake is of paramount importance for many waterfowl species included in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria - here are the most numerous breeding colony in the country of Pygmy Cormorant, Graylag Goose, Glossy Ibis, Eurasian Spoonbill, Great White Egret, Ferruginous Duck, Common Pochard and many others. In early winter, the lake harbors and Red-breasted Goose, Lesser White-fronted Goose, Greylag Goose and Great White-fronted Goose. One of the main problems is associated with the illegal fishing in the lake with nets and hunting within the reserve. The construction of the disputed treatment plant, which ignores the value of the wetland, was a serious potential threat that is now realized in practice.

The eutrophication of the lake due to the broken link with the Danube River led to serious changes in the wetland and the loss of many species. After building a channel connecting the lake to the river started slow recovery, which now returns to the starting position with the unprecedented pollution of the lake with sewage.


Ferruginous Duck, © Nicky Petkov/www.NaturePhotos.eu
Glossy Ibis, © Nicky Petkov/www.NaturePhotos.eu
Eurasian Spoonbill © Nicky Petkov/www.NaturePhotos.eu
Dalmatian Pelican, © Nicky Petkov/www.NaturePhotos.eu
Greylag Goose, © Nicky Petkov/www.NaturePhotos.eu