Consecutive violations in the project area - shooting at Red-breasted geese and use of illegal baits

Another violations were found out during January, which is one of the most active months for hunting waterfowls.

Some of the most drastic were identified during the International Waterbird Census on 17-18th Januray. The joint patrol included representatives of the National Association of Hunters and Anglers, Hunting and Angling association – Shabla, and BSPB. During the census a hunter shot at a flock of Red-breasted Geese in the territory of the Natura 2000 area in front of the representative of the local hunting organization, who was forced to evict him. Later the representative of the National Association of Hunters and Anglers evicted a hunter who was shooting in the forbidden 100m zone.

During the inspection that was held last Sunday (1/25/2015) in the areas of Shabla and Durankulak Lakes, two offenders were caught using illegal acoustic lure. The patrol consisted of representatives of the State Hunting Estate – Balchik, and a team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. The offenders refused to give the lure, which required the intervention of the Shabla Police Department.

Because of the high temperatures the Red-breasted Geese in the area were less than 50. Although the hunting pressure is also weaker, the joint patrols will continue to monitor for violations until the end of the hunting season.

All these violations are happening while the National Association of Hunters and Anglers are making a proposal for changes in the hunting legislation for prolongation of the hunting season of waterfowl until the end of February. This can seriously compromise and threaten the introduction of the new agri-environment measure for the farmers in the Coastal Dobrudja, which was developed within the LIFE+ project “Save Ground for Redbreasts”.