Cold wave from the north brings more geese in the area of the lakes showed the regular monitoring of the wintering birds

© Daniel Mitev, Little Bustard

During the consecutive monitoring of the wintering birds, which was held on Saturday (3.01.2015) a significant increase in the amount of the Red-breasted Geese – 11 000, was accounted for the first time this season. Among the other counted species were about 38 000 White-fronted Geese, 50 Greylag Geese and one Lesser White-fronted Goose. The last was observed later among a flock of feeding geese. Black colored goose, most likely a hybrid, was also noticed. Similar goose is observed in the region for the third consecutive year. Another interesting observation is two Little Bustard, seen in the steppes of the protected area "Durankulak".

The total number of the Red-breasted Goose in the country is probably much higher, considering the increased migration of geese from the north and the monitoring of flocks of Red-breasted geese in the Burgas lakes and along the Danube.

An inspection of the joint patrols regarding following the regulations of the hunting and conservation legislation was also held in cooperation with the Regional Forestry Directorate – Varna. More than 30 hunters were inspected. Two offenders managed to escape - one of them has shot Greylag Goose, which is protected species by the Biodiversity Act, and the other one was placing an acoustic lure.

The presence of a large number of geese in the area due to the cold weather leads to an increased hunting pressure. Since the area is populated with other globally threatened species such as Lesser White-fronted Goose and the extremely rare for our country Little Bustard, we plan to hold the patrols during the whole hunting season. The experience from previous years shows that only the tightened control during the hunting season provides a reduction of the violations in the area of the Natura 2000 sites Shabla and Durankulak.


© Daniel Mitev, Little Bustard
© Daniel Mitev, Black colored goose - hybrid
© Daniel Mitev, Lesser White-fronted Goose