Latest information about the actions of the joint patrols, the poaching cases and the observed species

© Nicky Petkov, www.naturephotos.eu

Last weekend (29-30.11.2014) another inspection of the joint patrols was held in the special protected areas "Shabla Lake Complex" and "Durankulak Lake". The joint patrol included representatives of the Regional Inspectorate of the Environment and Water – Varna, State Hunting Estate – Balchik, and BSPB.  Fortunately violations of hunting and conservation legislation were not found.

During the last week representatives of the Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture – Dobrich captured two poachers for illegal fishing with nets in Durankulak Lake. An indictment was drawn up against the offenders. Entering of boats during the dark part of the day within the protected area is one of the main reasons for bothering the birds in the lake. At the same time the fishing is a direct threat to all diving birds like the Pygmy Cormorant.

During the weekend were observed 14 White-headed Duck - a globally threatened species. As a diving bird, the White-headed Duck is menaced by poachers’ fishing nets. This is the highest number of individuals of the species that were observed in this area over the last few years. Hopefully, the birds will remain to winter here. Other interesting migrants arrived from north – three Snow Buntings, and a flock of 40 Red-breasted Geese.


© J. Elorriaga/flickr.com, White-headed Duck
© Мary Bradock/flickr.com, White-headed Duck
© Daniel Mitev, Snow Bunting
© Daniel Mitev