Consecutive violations in Srebarna Managed Reverve

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Srebarna Managed Reverve is one of the best known reserves of Bulgaria, but unfortunately continues to be a stage for violation of conservation legislation over the years.

On 09/11/2014, during the regular monitoring of wintering geese in Srebarna Managed Reverve a team of BSPB identified two types of violations of the regime of the reserve - hunting and entering of three boats with fishermen within the protected area. A Greylag Goose was shot in the presence of BSPB experts. The species is listed in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria. Srebarna is one of the few places in Bulgaria where this species nests and shooting of birds in this place seriously threatens the national breeding population.

Besides the danger of direct shooting of protected species, shooting in the protected area leads to anxiety and scares away the birds from the reserve. Such a violation was found by the team last year, which raises serious concerns about the effectiveness of measures for implementing the law on the territory of the Srebarana Managed Reverve.

Boats with fishermen were spotted in the "puddles" Kalnezha and Kamyka. Usually in these places there are significant numbers of ducks - Pygmy cormorants, ducks, swans and Coots, but unfortunately due to the presence of fishermen, the birds were missing.

A signal for the violations was sent to the security of the reserve and to the emergency number 112. In late autumn and early winter, the reserve is visited by the globally threatened Red-breasted goose (Branta ruficollis).

The Srebarna Managed Reverve unless protected area is also with the status of wetland under the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Convention).

Pursuant to the Protected areas act, within the territory of the reserve are prohibited any activities except those expressly and exhaustively listed. The hunting within the protected area and entering boats and illegal fishing is absolutely unacceptable, in view of national and international importance of the reserve. Srebarna is visited regularly not only by Bulgarian but also foreign tourists and experts in the field of nature conservation. The response of hunting in the protected area of international natural and cultural significance can significantly harm the country's image as a tourist destination and to raise questions about the implementation of the EU Directive on the conservation of wild birds in Bulgaria.


© Daniel Mitev
© Daniel Mitev
© Daniel Mitev