First action of the joint patrols for this season

© Daniel Mitev

After the finding of the first violations of hunting and conservation legislation by the team of the LIFE+ project “Save Ground for Redbreasts” in the early November it was held the first action of the participants in the joint patrols for this season on Saturday night (15.11.2014). Although only one hunter was checked in the region of Durankulak Lake, the patrol revealed another violation of the Protected Areas Act and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Act - the presence of poacher’s boat in Orlovo blato (Eagles' Swamp) - part of the protected area Durankulak Lake. Unfortunately, the offenders managed to abscond. We want to remind that according to Bulgarian legislation, entering the boundaries of the protected area must be after the permission of the competent authorities. Additionally, the industrial fishing is prohibited in all inland waters.

The project team found damaged by gun fire one of the informational boards placed in 2013 within the project. The boards describe the rules for hunting wild geese and indicate the permitted places. They aim to prevent any unintentional violations of hunting and conservation legislation.

This action of the joint patrols is only the first of the series of inspections, which are planned to be carried out each week. They will become more frequent in late December and early January, when the hunting season is most intensive and numerous violations are registered. At that time, representatives of the Regional Forestry Directorate – Varna will join to the other members of the joint patrols - Regional Inspectorate of the Environment and Water – Varna, State Hunting Estate – Balchik, Hunting and Angling association – Shabla, BSPB and the Shabla police department.