On 15th June 2011 the first meeting between the “Safe Ground for Redbreasts” project team, BSPB experts in agro-environmental practices and farmers from the region of Shabla and Durankulak lakes took place in Shabla Green Center. The main goal of the meeting was to introduce the local farmers and agricultural cooperatives to the planned elaboration of compensatory schemes, related to improving the conditions for the wintering Red-breasted geese in the lakes’ region. The BSPB experts presented different aspects of the Rural Development Programme and explained the main project objectives, along with the activities of elaborating the specific agro-environmental scheme. The BSPB experience with agricultural producers in other parts of the country and the National Agro-environmental Programme was also presented. The meeting was held in an open discussion spirit, taking into account different opinions, suggestions and aspects of the future joint work. The farmers agreed to collaborate on the tasks and activities of common concern.