Students of the Faculty of Biology, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and guests from the country met the BSPB project team working on the LIFE+ “Safe Ground for Redbreasts” project,   to see the Red-breasted geese off to their wintering grounds and wish them good luck this weekend. Hoping to see them again next winter and wishing them a successful trip and rearing of offspring,  the visitors enjoyed the beautiful birds.

During the first day of the visit, the group got acquainted with the work of the Green Education Center in Shabla, with the precious and abundant wildlife around the lakes of Shabla and Durankulak and with the BSPB activities in this region. The second day began at 6:00 a.m., but was filled with the emotion of the close encounters with the extremely beautiful and typical for this part of the country birds – the Red-breasted geese.

This meeting with the geese may be the last or one of the last for this season, but all of us look forward to seeing them again and wish them a safe journey and good breeding season!

This meeting of enthusiasts and Biology students aims to promote one of the most interesting winter destinations for nature lovers in Bulgaria. The region of Shabla and Durankulak is one of the few places in Europe where one can observe a large percentage of the wintering population of the globally threatened Red-breasted Goose. This is also an approach to promote the area of Coastal Dobrudja as an intriguing winter destination for ecological tourism.