Collect 10 stamps from visitor centers in nature parks, reserves and botanical gardens along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and come to receive your award at the Kite Festival at Shabla Lighthouse on 22 and 23 September, 2012.

The sea, the sea … yes, we are finally there! But after 2-3 days on the beach, some of us begin to look back nervously, wondering what to do to bolster time and fill the days that somehow start seem longer than usual. What to do?

Here’s an idea – a journey along the coast, in search of something. You will be surprised, perhaps, how diverse and interesting our coast is. Woodland with ancient oaks reclining from the wind on the south coastal cliffs, sea birds, sandy beaches, wide bays, salt lagoons and coastal lakes, and finally the easternmost point of the country – Cape Shabla, with the oldest lighthouse in the country.

All these and many more beauties are to be seen in a stretch of about 300 km only. It is well worth to look more carefully for the inhabitants of these wonderful places – dolphins in the sea, birds and plants in lakes, on the dunes and rocks. Many are rare and attract the interest of nature lovers from around the world, who come to watch them and take pictures. And we are so close …

All this and much more is there to see and learn if you stop at some of the nature visitor centers in the proposed route, wandering from south to north along the coast:

Nature Park “Strandja” – Malko Tarnovo and the village Gramatikovo:

BSPB Visitor Center at protected area “Poda”, southern entrance to Bourgas:

Bird watching hide situated on the southern shore of Atanasovsko lake at the north exit of Burgas:

Tortoise Conservation Center in Banya:

University Botanic Garden – Ecopark Varna:

Nature Park “Golden Sands” – Golden Sands Aladzha Monastery:

Balchik Botanical Garden: 20Bg/bg.html

Visitor Center “Kaliakra” in Balgarevo:

Green Education Center – Shabla:

There you will meet dedicated people, who will tell you interesting facts and how you can personally help nature. You will then receive and stamp the form we have prepared for this quest to collect 10 stamps of nature visitor centers.

With this form, containing at least five stamps, you may come to be awarded at the Festival of kites on 22-23 September, which is held for the second consecutive year near the lighthouse of Shabla. There you can choose your own reward that suits you: a special T-shirt for the cause to help spread good ideas, bird feeder to actively help the birds in winter, handmade doll for your child to be a little bird friend; or card to send to loved ones and to share the message of the value of the Bulgarian nature. And to make the experience even more entertaining, come to make your own doll, T- shirt or postcard in the workshops of the Festival of kites. You will see that the place and the event itself is the greatest reward of all who came from near and far:

See you there!